‘Er… Jack, You’re Late!’


My Final Masters Film
Not being careful, can lead to awkward situations. Jack loses his wallet on his first day moving to London, only to be found by the mischievous Sid, who finds a ‘magic pill’ amongst Jack’s deposit money. They both find themselves having very little time to deal with their ‘life or death’ problems.

Mick Lawrence: Director, Animator, Character Designer, Voice Acting, Story Writer.
Jon Houston: Story writer
Michael Bessel: Music
Steph Wright: Female Voice Acting
Josceline Birgitta Fenton: Additional Character Design

‘How the question got its mark’

The Question Mark is a literal wonder. But just what goes into shaping this pondering piece of punctuation?
How the Question got its Mark charts the (mostly) true story of the birth of a Question Mark –
Where did it come from? How did it get its hunch-back shape? Why is it even here? And just what is a Caret anyway?!
We attempt to explain these, and more, as we reveal just how the Question got its Mark… .
Written by Ant Khaseria, Animation by Charlie TetlowTatiana Alisova and Mick Lawrence
Voiceover: Laura Wolfe; recorded by Christian Lewcock at Maze Hill Shoal Studios

English National Opera – Group Project

Directed by Mick Lawrence, this animation takes inspiration from Purcell’s The Indian Queen, which tells the story of the initial confrontation between Europeans and the Mayans of the New World.

My idea was chosen out of 40 pitches, and I had the privilege of working with the very talented  Zuzanna SzyszakLulu Hu and Bob Hu.

Mick Lawrence: Director, Character Designer, Animator.
Zuzanna Szyszak: Character Designer, Animator, Compositor.
Lulu Hu: Background Designer, Animal Designer, Animator.
Bob Hu: Background Designer, Animal Designer, Animator, Compositor.
Michael Bessel: Music.

‘The Sky Above Us’

Video Games have become a mass medium with nearly half of all gamers being female. Despite the diversity of the gaming population, women still face harassment and marginalisation within the games community, partially because of the sexist way females are represented in many popular games. “The Sky Above Us” is a video game concept which seeks to demonstrate a better way of representing gender through storytelling and conscious character design. This animation is a short introduction to the the four main characters Ilma, Heratta, Valo and Lumi.
(In collaboration with animator Mick Lawrence)

Words by Dusan Tomic.

‘Till Deaf Do Us Part’

A Central St. Martins MA Character Animation project for The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret in London Bridge.

Mick Lawrence: Director, Animator, Character Designer, Voice Actor.

Conrad Stevens: Music